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"No prescription is more valuable than knowledge"     
C. Everett Koop, M.D.
former United States Surgeon General

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AIM Just Carrots vs Juicing

Detoxing with Herbs

Friendly Bacteria—Your first line of defense?

Food and Behavior

Keeping It Level -- Consistent blood sugar levels results in better health

Keeping your “neuro system” young is nothing but common sense

Meet Your Immune System

The Changing Paradigm -- The war on cancer.

What causes cardiovascular disease?

Mineral Nutrients



BarleyLife Articles

The Dynamic Duo

How sweet it is!

AIM BarleyLife® for a balanced diet

Importance of vitamin K outlined in the scientific literature

Steps to Healthy Aging

BarleyLife Barleygreen Comparison

Articles for Athletes

Pushing your limits? Try AIM Frame Essentials® *NEW*

Don’t wait for the Pain

AIM Athletes in Action–Meet J.R.

AIM Athletes in Action–Resistance Training

AIM Barleylife®–a natural source of energy and nutrition for athletes of all ages

Living Well™ for Better Fitness stamina and endurance

AIM Athletes in Action–AIM for your exercise habit

AIM Athletes in Action–Eat to Win

Rock Climbing and Turning 60

AIM Athletes in Action–Holiday Shopping is not aerobic!

Athlete–English Channel Swimmer

For Better Body Frame Health–AIM Frame Essentials®


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The Ashton Manual
Benzodiazepines How They Work
& How to Withdraw

Neu.beCALM'd and Neu.Relieve

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Blendtec Blenders and Mills
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