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Sometimes things just work out right.

For Teresa Schumacher, it was a dream and a wish come true. For Ron Wright and Dennis Itami, it was a blessing. For AIM Members, it has become the second most used product in the company. Talk about win-win-win. The right people with the right product at the right time. It is the story of AIM Herbal Fiberblend®.

Credit for the formula goes to Teresa. Ron Wright, the president, CEO, and co-owner of The AIM Companies™, recalls the time some 20 years ago when he first met Teresa. He had heard about her from Dennis Itami, co-owner of the company. He stopped to visit with her in St. George, Utah, on his way back to Idaho from Arizona. “We had lunch and Teresa began telling me about the success she was having in helping ill people get better by cleaning out their colons with a formula she had developed. She showed me pictures of parasites that the formula had cleansed from the colon of a lady who was not supposed to have long to live but was now doing very well.

“Teresa told me her dream was to be able to get this formula to market in a canister and be able to sell it for an affordable price, at a price where people could purchase a month’s worth of it at a time. The ingredients she was putting into it were costing about $100 for two weeks’ worth. She knew she had something that could help people but not at that cost.”

Ron told Teresa he would do what he could to help her realize her dream, in exchange for AIM having the exclusive right to distribute the product. He made arrangements to purchase the various herbs and ingredients in her formula, to have them packaged in a canister for Teresa to market, track the results, and report back to AIM. “I wanted to make sure we had a safe product before we put this into the AIM line,” says Ron. “It didn’t take long for the reports to begin coming in,” remembers Ron. “Good things were happening to people. Wow, we knew after nine months of testing that we had a winning product. What a blessing. We were off and running with another product in the AIM line and have never looked back. We needed another product right then to go with our green barley powder.”

For Teresa, AIM Herbal Fiberblend® was another success in a long list that would not have happened without, she says, “a guardian angel watching over me.” Teresa grew up in Italy during World War II. “The Allied planes would take pictures during the day and then bomb at night. But one day another girl and I decided to seek shelter during the day. Bombs did drop and all were killed in the building except the two of us. We were buried for three days and had to be dug out. There was a guardian angel watching over me.”

Marriage brought Teresa to the United States and Wyoming. She has two daughters and three sons. One of her daughters,
Toni Lund, is very involved in the AIM business. She and Teresa are both Chairman’s Club Members.

Once established in Wyoming, Teresa continued the work ethic and success that began back home in Italy where, at age 15, she was a successful dressmaker with four girls working for her. In Wyoming she sold a variety of family products and had to learn to drive (her first ride in a car came at age 19) to make the business a success. She became an area manager for the company. Then, “I needed to support my kids,” so she began selling insurance for Mutual of Omaha. She was the only female agent in the state and became number one in sales. Another change was in the works. She began selling ladies’ undergarments and make-up because “I like to work with products, I like to help people.” She was so successful that the company sent her to Italy for two years to establish the product line there. “But I came back to the U.S. to raise my family. They were getting older and needed an on-site parent.” She also began working for a company with a line of health products.

Along the way, Teresa developed an interest in herbs and the natural healing power of the body. She remembers why. “Once I arrived in the United States, I got very sick due to the change in diet. The food we eat has a lot to do with how our body acts. I was constipated and went to a clinic but got no help. I was sick, had three kids, and was having trouble walking. Then a couple of hippies told me about massage and herbs, I got better, and I began to study nutrition.” She learned about different herbs and what they can do for the body. “It was more of a hobby than a career. I began to work with a lady who had been sick for three months. I went to my herb shelf, mixed them myself, she started passing parasites, and she got better.” Then began her dream of finding a way to purchase, blend, and sell her herbal remedy. She knew about AIM because its green barley product had helped a friend of hers. Dennis Itami heard of her, told his partner Ron, and the rest is AIM history.

Teresa says the most inspirational people in her life have been Ron Wright and the president of the first health company she worked for. “From the president of Constan Industries I learned about the Hunza people in the Himalayas – how they lived a healthy, disease-free life, and lived to a very old age. If we take care of our bodies we can live a long, healthy life.”

Ron Wright is an inspiration because “he is a man of his word. He told me he would help me realize my dream of getting my formula into powder form and he did. He said he would help me get it into the AIM line, and he did, even though the AIM president at that time didn’t want it. Ron doesn’t give up.”

Daughter Toni is thankful her mother struck up an affiliation with AIM. She has prospered financially – “I spent 10 years working in Wyoming and Colorado in the grocery business for a pension of $61 per month, a long way from my ‘retirement’ pay from AIM” – plus AIM products have made a difference in her family’s health. Two of her children had asthma. She started them on green barley powder mixed with apple juice and the asthma attacks stopped. Toni herself suffered from joint pain until taking AIM BarleyLife®. “I immediately went into detox, which lasted two weeks, but the end result was no more joint pain. That really made a believer out of me in AIM BarleyLife®.”

A resident of St. George for more than 30 years, Teresa says, “It is like living in Italy again. Great weather, no snow, roses in March.”

Who Teresa is in life very much goes back to the bombing days during the war. “World War II didn’t kill me. It taught me to take responsibility for myself.” That sense of responsibility resulted in a variety of success stories including home product sales, insurance sales, herbs, ladies’ wear, health products, opening up an entire country for a company, and, for AIM, its number two selling product, AIM Herbal Fiberblend®.

“The day I met Teresa was one of the most important days in AIM’s future,” says Ron. “I tried to help her make her dream come true. We helped her, she helped us, and together we have helped so many people. It is a good feeling.”



Copyright © AIM International, Inc. Used with permission.


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